Logística Red Aduanera

Land Transport

We are a company that was founded in the Yucatan Peninsula from the high expectations of customers in the transport industry. Today, we have a highly trained staff and solid infrastructure which provide an efficient and safe solution in the transport of goods. We also have the latest technology, which we use as a basis for continual growth and development aiming to make our customer’s business, our own.

We have our objectives clearly defined:

  • Careful management of your merchandise.
  • Safeguard of your merchandise.
  • Delivery of your merchandise on time and in good condition.
  • Care for your goods through timely satellite monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Vehicle fleet and infrastructure

    All our vehicles have valid insurance and are in excellent mechanical condition. We put our fleet at your disposal:

    • Recent model tractor trucks
    • Chassis (40 FT and 20 FT)
    • Full trailer dollies
    • Refrigerated truck 53"
    • 3.5 TON closed box trucks
    • 1.0 TON closed box trucks
    • 1 TON Capacity forklifts


    All our vehicles have federal license plates and can circulate throughout the country. We have extensive experience in southeastern Mexico, including:

    • Cancún
    • Riviera Maya
    • Mérida
    • Campeche
    • Chiapas
    • Tabasco
    • Veracruz
    • And more

    CAAT Registration

    Our vehicles have CAAT registration, which represents the identification number of the company. This means that the authorities are not only aware of the existence and location of the carrier, but know the phone numbers and email addresses of the people responsible as well as data that fully identifies the vehicle: vehicle identification number or serial number, economic number (the equivalent of a USDOT number in the US), plates, vehicle type, state, city and issuing country of each vehicle.

    It includes a driver’s database with their nationalities, CURP (in the case of Mexicans) or social security number (in the case of foreigners), their country of residence and full address.

    Our Operators

    Our operators all have federal licenses and are highly skilled and knowledgeable in making deliveries in southeastern Mexico. Our recruitment process is focused on cargo security, regular confidence and performance evaluations and drug testing.

    Satellite tracking

    All our vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking devices and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also provide our customers access to the tracking system and give them updates regularly.

      Offices & contacts

    •   CANCÚN
      Carretera Cancún- Aeropuerto Mza. 4 Lote 5, 90 y 91 S.M. 301 Cancún, Q. Roo C.P. 77560
    •   (998) 8862103 al 105
    •   (998) 886 22 97

    •   PROGRESO
      Calle 82 entre 25 y 84 Num Exter. Torre Apipro planta baja norte Num Inte. Local 4 Col. Centro Progreso, Yucatán CP. 97320
    •   +52 (969) 935 6596 / 935 7205 / 935 6414
    •   (998) 886 22 97

    •   CDMX
      Calle Cuernavaca #31 Int. 202 Col. Peñón de los Baños. C.P. 15520, Alcaldia Venustiano Carranza, CDMX
    •   (01) 55 1560 1580
    •   (01) 55 1560 1570

      Calle 92 # 143 Entre 27 y 29, C.P. 97320 Progreso, Yucatán.
    •   (01) 55 1560 1580
    •   (01) 55 1560 1570

    Red Aduanera Peninsular

    We offer comprehensive international trade solutions in adherence and compliance with Customs laws. Our companies cover our client’s supply chain needs and provide the key logistic services of transportation and storage. Read more...

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